About Us

In our Lab we bridge basic and applied nano research. We produce new low-dimensional materials & systems to study their physical properties, looking for new discoveries, and use them to develop new applications.

Examples of low-dimensional materials are graphene, atomically thin metal layers, ultra-thin superconductors, and 2D silicon carbide. Applications include quantum resistance metrology, quantum limited sensors of terahertz and ultra-violet light, magnetic sensors, and chemical sensors. 

Our Lab is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure for material (epitaxial) growth, and cryogenic magneto transport experiments. We also benefit from access to fantastic cleanroom facilities at Chalmers, extraordinary collaboration with other labs (including MAX IV synchrotron), and interaction with several companies.  

In this webpage you will find a collection of our research highlights. If you are curious about our activities just hit the contact button.