Towards quantum-limited coherent detection of terahertz waves in charge-neutral graphene

Nature Astronomy 3 (11), 2019

We measure on proof-of-concept graphene bolometric mixers an electron diffusion-limited gain bandwidth of 8 GHz (corresponding to a Doppler shift of 480 km s−1 at 5 THz) and intrinsic mixer noise temperature of 475 K (which would be equivalent to ~2 hf/kB at f = 5 THz, where h is Planck’s constant, f is the frequency and kB is the Boltzmann constant), limited by the residual thermal background in our setup. An optimized device will result in a mixer noise temperature as low as 36 K, with the gain bandwidth exceeding 20 GHz, and a local oscillator power of <100 pW.

Bottom-Up Growth of Monolayer Honeycomb SiC

Physical Review Letters 130 (7), 2023

Our findings represent the first step towards routine and tailored synthesis of 2D-SiC monolayers, and this novel heteroepitaxial system may find diverse applications ranging from photovoltaics to topological superconductivity.

Towards a quantum resistance standard based on epitaxial graphene

Nature nanotechnology 5 (3),2010

The quantum Hall effect allows the international standard for resistance to be defined in terms of the electron charge and Planck's constant alone. The effect comprises the quantization of the Hall resistance in two-dimensional electron systems in rational fractions of RK = h/e2 = 25 812.807 557(18) Ω, the resistance quantum.

Selected Publications

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